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I just wanted to send my compliments to Donna that does shifts in [a North Wales care home]. My Grandma lives there now and Donna cares for her most days and she is great with her. My Grandma is always praising her to us.


Thanks to you and the rest of the staff at the agency and in particular my mother's main careers, Gwenda McBreeze and Denise Claybrook, for giving my mother a supportive and professional service.

Rhiannon Jones

To Charlotte, Eira and the staff of Jane Lewis I want to write this to thank you all very much. I recently became employed by yourself over a month ago. I left my full time role in the NHS in early January and my plans were to work health care shifts with a different agency who promised me career development. However the agency did not fulfil this and I was left with nothing. I sent my CV to Jane Lewis and was very impressed at how quickly and efficiently I was interviewed, trained, inducted and offered work. Jane Lewis has helped me so much in recent weeks and you have lifted a lot of anxiety and worry for me. In the past I have worked for many agencies, some of which I have had bad experiences with, but I am so impressed at how professional and what a good company you are to work for. I recently had good news that I was successful in a part time NHS role where I can progress my career further, but I must definitely plan to stay involved with Jane Lewis and pick up ad hoc shifts on an occasional basis. I have been, and will continue to recommend you to people looking for work in health and social care. Thanks you again and regards Jordan Fawcett

Jordan Fawcett, HCA

Jane Lewis as an agency have been a godsend to us at Awelon this past year, providing good quality staff at short notice. They have done their best to provide consistency so that residents have had the security of familiar faces providing their care. All the staff that have been provided have been 100% trustworthy and 98 % of them have been dependable, reliable, conscientious and hard working. On the very rare occasions when we have been let down, management have taken steps to try to ensure that unreliable staff are not used again. Almost all staff are confident with all the equipment we use and with moving and handling procedures. All staff have been patient and respectful to our residents and have treated them with dignity and courtesy at all times. They are quick to respond to requests and fit in well with contracted staff. We have been particularly grateful to Jane Lewis for providing us with regular reliable night staff when our contracted staff have been unable to work for long stretches. Many of those who work with us, for example Glenna and Ceri Philips, are so experienced now at Awelon that they feel like permanent team members and they are happy and willing to support new staff. We have benefitted in particular from some exceptional male carers, notably Victor, Ray and George who have contributed an enormous amount particularly to our male residents who have appreciated having support from another man. All 3 are extremely sensitive, caring, hard-working and professional and many of our residents of both genders have expressed their appreciation of their help and cheerful positive contribution. Residents and staff always look forward to seeing them.

Holly Evans, Rheolwr Awelon Manager

As one of Jane Lewis's clients I feel that I can hit the keyboard and say what fantastic staff they employ. The staff that I have had for my care over the last nine months has been second to none; from the younger sector to the more mature staff. They all go out of their way to help when I ask for something and if they can't help they find somebody who will. Be it updating my mobile phone and gadgets and helping me to get into the 21st century. I have not had a tv since my children left home, within ten minutes Becky had set up a tv and DVD player for me and now she's off travelling with her partner. The senior staff Donna wood and Tracy Hobson play a fantastic role in my ongoing care. This takes away the worry and the pressure in my daily life. The younger members of the staff are all wonderful. Emma Richards, Nicola Clarke, Charelle jilge and Colleen Mcbride are so well trained it is a credit to Jane Lewis Heath and social care agency.

Eileen Henry

Eileen Henry

I'd like to recognise the patience, diligence, manner and skill of one of your employees, however I only know him as John, that he was in the army for 14 years and that he is now going on holiday to London. It was my misfortune to find myself in the AMU Department of Ysbyty Glan Clywyd from Tuesday 26th until Friday 29th July, this week. I was admitted and treated for Cellulitis into Ward 5, Bed C and John not only looked after me but all the others in the ward on the day shift quite brilliantly on both Wednesday and Thursday. I hope that you will somehow pass on my gratitude to John as what he and the other nurses are doing is truly a thankless task and as minimal as my recognition may seem, I would want hope that you can convey it to him. I am sure people find sending notes of criticism far easier. Thank you. Paul Newton

Paul Newton

We have been using Jane Lewis for our nurse staffing needs and care staff provision for a number of years now. We book many of the Jane Lewis trained staff a month in advance which allows us to plan effectively moving forwards. The service provided by Jane Lewis nursing agency is fabulous and we have developed are really strong relationship and rapport with the health care staff they provide to the extent where we often self-book Jane Lewis nurses.

Sue Russell, Deputy Manager, Bryn Clifton

Jane Lewis provide excellent levels of service as well as care and trained staff of great quality. In the rare instances when staff provided by Jane Lewis are unable to attend a shift Jane Lewis are really good at communicating with us promptly and finding a replacement. The communication between the Jane Lewis office staff and us is excellent with effective communication carried out by both phone and email.

Louise Marshall, Care Supervisor, Leonard Cheshire Group

I'm just hearing feedback for Alan at the weekend and its a glowing report, thank you very much for helping us out at such short notice, it is very much appreciated.

Rota Administrator, Bethphage

We had some very positive feedback for a Jane Lewis Healthcare Worker when she escorted one of our residents to a hospital appointment on Tuesday. The family were very pleased ‘she kept a thoughtful eye on our father’ and that she was able to wait with him for a follow on appointment too. They made a special point of ringing to thank us.

Stretton Hall Nursing Home

Victoria from Jane Lewis Healthcare looked after my grandma at my wedding. My grandma has Alzheimer's and social events can be quite stressful for her. We needn't have worried, Victoria looked after grandma so well and kept her calm, relaxed and happy all day. It also meant that the family could relax without having to worry about anything. Thank you so much - a top class service I would recommend to anyone

Lucy Jones, Jane Lewis Client

I worked for Jane Lewis healthcare agency as a healthcare assistant whilst completing my training  with the university of Chester to become a qualified mental health nurse. Jane Lewis are a fantastic company to work for with good rates of pay and it it gave me an excellent opportunity to earn money and gain invaluable first hand experience of working within a mental health setting at the same time. Due to the fantastic flexible working arrangements that Jane Lewis offers, it meant that I could comfortably work around my commitment to studying and maintain my social life as well. I would recommend Jane Lewis to anyone undertaking nursing studies and people who are already qualified and require a flexible and reliable employer alike.

Naomi Makin, RMN

Working with Jane lewis while I was doing my midwifery training, enhanced my communication skills and time management. Furthermore, it strengthened aspects of care that I provided, which could easily be transferred to midwifery and definitely helped with personal development. The team at Jane Lewis are extremely supportive and understanding. The flexibility is amazing and the staff understand that you are a student and stick with your availability. I would recommend any nursing and midwifery students to work with Jane Lewis during their studies, as it as it had such a positive impact.

Helen Ward, Midwife

Happy New Year, lovely ladies!!! Thank you so much for the fab Christmas card, calendar and pamper present – really kind of you 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the festivities as much as Graham, Fluffy and I have! I am also emailing to express my sincere gratitude for the amazing, considerate, fun and pleasant girls; Trish, Becky and Mel who provided great quality of professional support cover for me over Christmas and the NewYear festivities. Cannot express enough how marvellous the girls were: they have enabled us to experience a truly wonderful holiday! Many, many thanks to Jane Lewis.


Thank you so much for all the very sympathetic care your company provided for our father over the last week.

Sioned O'Connor

Can you extend a huge thank you to all the staff involved over the past years – this hasn’t been an easy package to maintain and it was your agency who really facilitated keeping the client at home. All the carers have been professional, helpful and very flexible in their approach to help us out when needed. The staff are a credit to your agency, I was always very impressed with them when I visited. They truly had the client’s best interests at heart. Please ensure the carers get the recognition and thanks they deserve. I sincerely hope to be working with them all again in the future.

W. Mousley

In February 2014 the Countess of Chester and Jane Lewis made their first trip to Barcelona. This first trip was highly successful with 10 nurses recruited. The second trip was in March/April 2014, recruiting both in Barcelona and Madrid, during this visit 31 nurses were recruited. These nurses are due to arrive in the UK in April, May, June and July, massively strengthening the nursing compliment in all areas of the Countess of Chester. On arrival, all nurses will receive a 12 month supported preceptorship, to help them adapt to nursing within the United Kingdom. This highly successful recruitment would not have been possible without the support of Jane Lewis’ excellent team of staff, who arranged all of the interviews, candidates prior to the visit and were excellent facilitators on the days allowing the Countess of Chester’s interview panel to press on with interviews.

J. Lush, The Countess of Chester

I have been a Registered Nurse with Jane Lewis Health & Social Care Agency since 2008 and it was the best decision I have made . The flexibility an agency provides, fits in with my family life as my availability for work has changed frequently. I presently care for my Mum five mornings a week , sometimes my children help out and then I can work more shifts. Being part of Jane Lewis has given me opportunities to work in areas I would never have previously considered. I have done flu vaccine clinics in Crewe and Macclesfield , dressing clinics in Neston pre-op assessment clinic at Cheshire and Merseyside Treatment Centre I have met great people and travelled more than I ever thought I would. I love working at St John’s Hospice and Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. Mandatory training takes place at the Chester Office, our trainer does his best to make the sessions interesting and I enjoy meeting other nurses and chatting about our experiences. Heather and the team are so lovely on the phone, they are kind, friendly and infinitely patient. At different times over the years I have had to cope with bereavements and family illness and I have never felt pressured to work. When my Dad died in 2012 I felt very supported by the team. At Jane Lewis you can feel safe discussing any problem you might have with a placement; if you feel unsafe or simply unhappy working in a particular hospital or ward you don’t have to go back there and you feel confident that your grievance will be addressed. Communication with the team is excellent . I am proud to work for Jane Lewis.

Cecily Sabino RGN

I am writing this to show my gratitude for all your help and support in helping me be successful in finding a new job. I would like to say a special thank you to Sarah Crummey and Simone, both of whom have been extremely helpful and supportive throughout the process. Sarah and Simone have been there for me from the start, answering any questions I’ve had and have always got back to me promptly without delay. Without them both I really don’t think I would have got the job of my dreams (eating disorders). They both believed in me ever since our first phone call and from that, I managed to believe in myself.

Stacey Dukes RMN

Thanks for the offer of support. It is a credit to Jane Lewis actually because in any other dealings I have had with other recruitment companies, I don’t think any others have backed up their role by offering proactive support to the candidates that they place.

Dave Carter-Smith, RMN, RMA

I would like to express my thanks for the support provided to my client by Jane Lewis. The Social Care Branch has put together a comprehensive 24 hour care package at very short notice, the family are very happy with the support staff and the care they are providing. The Social Care Branch managed to get the support plan, risk assessments etc. completed in a short time; they also ensured that the staff have the necessary training , they have been very accommodating and are working in a challenging home environment.

D. Demain, Northern Case Management Limited

Jane Lewis agency provide a top class service. Qualified nurses provided by Jane Lewis have always been 100% professional. I have found Jane Lewis nurses to be trustworthy, reliable, capable and knowledgeable. I would recommend this agency before any other.

L Gopikrishnan (RMN), Abbey Court

The service provided in regard to the recruitment of nurses for our new Nursing Home in Colwyn Bay has been excellent.

C Hughes, Clwyd Alyn Housing

Your team have been dedicated to exceed our service expectations and that is what they have done in each of those aspects.

S. Davies, Staffing Manager, Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust

When I’ve been in contact with any of the team at Jane Lewis Health & Social Care, I have received advice and support with courtesy and friendly professionalism.

Y Williams, Senior Occupational Health Advisor

I have had a professional association with Jane Lewis Health & Social Care for well over a year. Initially as Clinical Lead, Priory Healthcare in Altrincham where we negotiated Jane Lewis to be our preferred supplier of healthcare staff. I always found them to be professional on approach and had an excellent response time. I was particularly impressed by their robust recruitment procedure and mandatory checks on staff. I was left in no doubt that I would be guaranteed the appropriate member of staff requested commensurate with their qualification and experience in accordance with our own request and service need. As this was a private healthcare setting it was essential that we had excellent healthcare staff at all times. The management of Jane Lewis were very attentive in that they met with us regularly to review any issues or concerns that we may have had. Jane Lewis also had a very good assessment/monitoring tool in place for all their staff, which was completed by the respective manager at the Priory following a period of work. This in my view promoted good practice in the work place. My relationship with Jane Lewis continues to be in a professional capacity but now through the NHS at Bury. Again I have found their response time to be excellent and the quality of staff provided to be outstanding. Again the management have been very involved in monitoring our arrangements and this has helped enormously in ensuring a good sound working relationship and a great support to our service. I would be happy to recommend Jane Lewis Healthcare Recruitment to any prospective healthcare employer.

V. Nolan (Mr) Clinical Lead In-Patient Acute

I have found the process of going through Jane Lewis straight forward. The Permanent Recruitment Team has been professional and helpful. I have been kept informed by emails and phone contact.

Annmarie Jenkins

My relationship with Jane Lewis began after I had reached stalemate with an employee who had been off for an extended period. Having explained the situation to Nick Hodson he was very supportive of our situation and accepted we needed to gain a greater understanding behind the reasons for absence. Throughout the process Nick remained optimistic and assured me that he would do everything possible to resolve the matter positively. Whilst I cannot explain the complexities of the situation I would certainly recommend Jane Lewis as the advice and support given was very beneficial. Nick ensured the matter was fully investigated and sought professional guidance so we could establish the best course of action. As an employer you are always looking to act in the best interests of both the company and the employee, and to this end Jane Lewis ensured we did not lose sight of either goal. A positive outcome and a service which in the long term pays for itself.

Mo Singh