The care packages we provide to you or your loved ones are tailored specifically to specific needs and wishes and typically involve the contribution of a selection of professional healthcare providers. Such packages allow you or your loved one to stay in the comfort and safety of their own home and allows an independence and flexibility of living that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

After nearly 30 years of providing professional and compassionate care at home solutions to our clients we have experienced a wide range of client needs, requirements and situations that are demonstrated in the case studies below.

Cameron’s Acquired Brain Injury Social Care Package

Cameron is a 24 year man living with an acquired brain injury as a result of a road traffic accident. This has left him with a range of cognitive, behavioural, emotional and physical problems including impairments in Cameron’s memory and spatial awareness, along with difficulties with mobility and motivation to engage in social activities.

Whilst fully committed to gaining increased independence and eventually acquiring his own home within the community, Cameron still at present requires support from his Mum, including assistance with mobility, meal preparation and maintaining the household.

Following meetings with Cameron and his Mum, along with the Social Workers and other health professionals who work with him, Jane Lewis identified a specialist support worker to work with Cameron on a regular basis. Jane Lewis now support Cameron for 5 hours a week, during which time they enable Cameron to live a full and active life in the community, in addition to taking Cameron to regular hydrotherapy sessions, which are aiding both his physical and mental recovery.

Jane Lewis have now worked with Cameron for 9 months, during which time his mother, staff members and health workers have noticed a significant and positive change in both Cameron’s physical and mental health.

Regular reviews of Cameron’s Care enable Jane Lewis to provide continuing, tailor-made support of only the highest standard.

Flint, Huntington’s Support

Jane Lewis provided one to two days a week initially, progressing to four days a week and finally seven days a week for six to ten months on double handed basis daily. Our client’s daughter said that without the support of Jane Lewis’ staff her mother wouldn’t have had the same quality of life.

Although there were difficult times due to the advancement of the client’s medication Jane Lewis’ support meant that she was able to live in her own home and was able to live the final moments of life in the familiar surroundings of home.

We are proud of the support and service we provided and the comfort and dignity of life the client experienced.

John’s Severe Disabilities Social Care Package

Names in both case studies have been changed due to data protection John is an 8 year old boy who developed hypoglycaemia as a result of lack of adequate nourishment while in hospital within 2 days of his birth. John has severe disabilities in the form of spastic quadriplegia, learning difficulties and epilepsy. His needs are such that Jane Lewis was commissioned by a local solicitor who specialised in clinical negligence cases, to provide the additional support he and his parents needed.

Jane Lewis has worked with the case manager to create a cost effective care package to support Jonathan 7 days a week. The care package consists of waking nights and 2 to 1 care during the day to assist with transfers and mobility. A monthly Rota agreed in advance with the case manager is planned around parent’s work schedule, and Jonathan’s activities.

Jane Lewis Social Care identified 6 support staff with relevant experience and skills to support Jonathan all received training in gastronomy care, the administration of medication, and the management of epilepsy, manual handling and other training specific to Jonathan’s particular needs. Like all Jane Lewis staff Jonathan’s support workers are supervised and their training needs reviewed on a regular basis. Jane Lewis’ Clinical Nurse Assessor completes staff competencies and observations. Staff have also received bespoke training to implement developmental training in school and a physiotherapy programme at home.

Jane Lewis Social Care has provided care for Jonathan for 6 years. Within that time support workers have worked alongside parents and other healthcare professionals to meet and support his changing needs. The Jane Lewis team continue to encourage Jonathan to initiate activity, through play and developmental experiences. The objective for the long term will be to enable him to live as full and independent life as possible. The Jane Lewis team, case manager and other health professionals have witnessed marked improvements with Jonathan’s general health and his ability to engage in activities. Parents have stated that they feel safe in the knowledge that Jonathan is being well looked after by the Jane Lewis support team whilst they are at work.

Chester, Home care support

We were able to adapt our support services to the personal needs of our client whose circumstances changed due to family bereavements. The result was that our client required to be away from home at short notice. We were able to accommodate these needs quickly and professionally and without effecting the daily client support.

Our client’s changing circumstances has also meant short notice cancellations as well as ad-hoc reinstatement of shifts which we were able to meet with speed and a positive attitude.