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Why do people join agencies instead of getting regular jobs?

There are a number of good reasons why people prefer to work for agencies, flexibility, better pay, no need to commit to regular hours, the ability to try different areas of Nursing and Social Care with no long term committment and very often people like the fact that meet new faces every day and rise to unexpected and enjoyable challenges.

Can you guarantee work?

We always have contracts available for people who want to work full time. If, however it’s just temporary work you want, then we will give you as much work as you need, but we do not guarantee set hours each week for temporary staff.

Why would I ask an agency to find me my next permanent job?

Because we have a wealth of experience concerning health and social care careers, whether you’re a Social Worker looking for the next step up the ladder or a Registered General Nurse who wants to gain experience in a different clinical setting, we can help.
We will negotiate a better salary package, find out what fringe benefits are available, create a market for your services where two or more employers offer you a job and help you to secure more interviews.

When will I get paid?

We run a weekly payroll, so as long as we receive your signed timesheet on Friday, you will be paid by the following Friday.

Can you pay me by Direct Debit?

Yes, you simply specify your bank account details and your pay will automatically be credited to your account. You will still receive a timesheet detailing how your pay is made up.

Do regular staff view agency workers with suspicion?

It used to be true that some regular staff had a problem with Agency Workers, but nowadays with the staff shortages that we all hear so much about, regular staff are very glad to see someone who can help them to offer a better experience to the patients and service users.

How long does the recruitment process take?

Our main problem is DBS disclosures (formerly CRB), unfortunately this is one area which is totally out of our hands, sometimes we can receive DBS’ back within a fortnight, other times it can take considerably longer. The longest waiting times are usually because you have travelled extensively.
Once the DBS is back we can usually get you out working within a day or so.

Do I really have to complete all the mandatory training?

If you can provide evidence that you have completed the mandatory training courses elsewhere within the CQC/CSSIW stated time limits, then no we can offer you work as soon as your DBS is back, otherwise, I’m afraid you really do have to complete all the training.