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Welcome to the Team, Louise James

A warm welcome to Louise James, our new Complex Care Co-Ordinator.

We asked Louise a few questions to get to know her a little…

How has your career journey brought you to Jane Lewis?
“I have been involved in support services for a long time. Initially I began my career journey by working at a local nursing home, then as a support worker where I supported mainly adults with learning disabilities, the elderly and adults receiving support from mental health services.
For ten years I was a care manager for a private domiciliary care provider and during this time I also supported in delivering training.
After taking a short career break, I was itching to once again become involved in delivering support and took the opportunity to become join the new team as a care coordinator here at Jane Lewis.”

What are your favourite things outside of work?
“I am a great believer and advocate of the powers that gardening, being outdoors in the fresh air and nurturing has on a person and the positive affects it has on our mental health. This is something I am interested in and to support this I am currently in the second year of an RHS course. Some time in the future I would like to become involved a community project where I can utilise my skills.
I enjoy visiting horticultural shows such as Tatton Park and The Malvern show and visiting local gardens. I also like to relax by doing crafts such as quilting and am trying my hand at knitting, though I’m not very good at it. I am a member of a local group called ‘Craft & Chat’ where a lot more chatting than crafting goes on.”

How would you describe yourself?
“I guess my those that know me would describe me as a very resilient person, a person who will go above and beyond to help anyone, and a person whose glass is always half full.”

What’s your favourite quote?
“I don’t really have a favourite quote but I do believe you should always give things a go; as, if you don’t, how will you know you don’t like it… or are completely rubbish at it!!!!!”

Welcome to Jane Lewis Louise, we are looking forward to working with you. 🙂