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Nursing Agency Manager Beth Daniels

Meet The Team – Beth Daniels

We are really happy to announce the appointment of new Chester branch manager Beth Daniels to the Jane Lewis team and have asked Beth to take part in our regular ‘meet the team’ feature as a method of introducing her to you our staff and clients.

Beth has graciously taken some time out of her busy day to answer a range of questions so you can get to know her better so when you call for some well-paid shifts across Cheshire you’ll know her a bit better!

Beth is one of our newest members of the Chester-based Jane Lewis team and is looking forward to continuing to develop our reputation as a leading provider of quality healthcare services.

How long have you worked for Jane Lewis?
I’ve been at Jane Lewis for a week now and am really enjoying the experience of working for such a well-respected agency.

What is the highlight of working for Jane Lewis?
I would have to say that the highlights of working at Jane Lewis is the extremely friendly and helpful atmosphere as well as the great team spirit amongst all the departments.

What are the benefits to staff of working for Jane Lewis?
It’s very true that our staff are really well looked after at all times and are supported throughout the recruitment and placement process. Also, we have a generous refer a friend scheme whereby we’ll pay £250 for every Nurse, HCA or Home Carer that’s referred to us. Other major benefits include free mandatory training as well as flexible working hours and weekly pay.

What motivates you during your working day?
My main motivation is working as a team to achieve our new goals moving forwards.

Tell us something unusual about yourself?
I can bend my tongue!

Where do you live?
I live in Warrington in Cheshire.

What’s your favourite song?
Oh that’s way too hard as there’s just too many to choose from!

Where is your favourite holiday destination?
I really enjoy Greece. It’s such a beautiful country with wonderful history and beaches.

Who would play you in a movie of your life?
I’d have to say that it would have to be somebody with a great sense of humour.