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Ann Rose Shrewsbury Nursing Agency Branch Manager

Meet The Team – Ann Rose

To continue our ‘Meet the Team’ feature which aims to bring our clients and staff closer to the Jane Lewis team this week our glad to turn the spotlight on Shrewsbury Branch Manager Ann Rose. Ann has led the Shrewsbury team since early 2014 and in that time has significantly grown the branch during that time by increasing reach of our services in both private and NHS settings.

Ann has dedicated some time to answering our variety of ‘Meet the Team’ questions which span the spectrum from professional to personal in an effort to make the Jane Lewis Nursing agency team based in Shrewsbury more recognisable to our clients and staff.

Ann has become an increasingly crucial part of the Jane Lewis in the last year and if you require nurse staffing services or would like to discuss the flexible healthcare hours we have for nurses and HCAs in the Shropshire area Ann will be able to provide more in depth information.

How long have you worked at Jane Lewis?
I’ve been a part of Jane Lewis since the spring of 2014 when I was really happy and excited to take on the role of branch manager for Shrewsbury and have since then worked hard to develop Jane Lewis as a leading nursing agency in Shropshire.

What is your background?
After working in Haematology for a number of years I worked in Pharmaceuticals with a large American company where I started with the Viagra launch, which was very interesting!
I then worked for Boots Ltd as the National Accounts manager in Care Services, then Head of Care Services in a small company with innovative medication delivery and helped to develop electronic mar systems. I think the variety of work I’ve done leading up to my role with Jane Lewis has assisted me greatly when assisting the range of clients and staff with whom we work with.

What is the highlight of working at Jane Lewis?
I would have to say one of the main benefits for me of working for Jane Lewis is that it’s a well-run, family business as well as the incredible support the team provide and the enormous care experience the company has. The business has been delivering quality healthcare services since 1987 and so in that time has developed some excellent relationships with both clients and staff and that trust allows for a productive working environment.

What are the benefits to staff (Nurses, HCAs and Specialist Support Workers) of working for Jane Lewis?
When you work for Jane Lewis you work for a well-respected healthcare company which will go the extra mile to find work in the settings they want at the times they want. We also provide career support and development in terms of training courses. Other benefits include the flexibility of hours we provide our staff as well as the holiday pay and competitive hourly rates we provide in both Nursing and Residential homes and NHS settings.

What motivates you during your working day?
My main motivation is the opportunity to work in care at the front line of service alongside the knowledge that we are doing our best to supply excellent standards of quality care to some of the the most vulnerable members of our society.

Tell us something unusual about yourself?
I am half Serbian and so am a fan of Novak Djokovic the number one tennis player in the world.

Where do you live?
I live in the beautiful county of Shropshire.

What’d your favourite song?
The classic British hymn, Jerusalem.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?
I’m a real fan of Greece. It’s a wonderful place to holiday with its fantastic cuisine, culture and people.

Who would play you in a movie of your life?
I think my film character would be ‘M’ from the Bond films so I’d like Dame Judy Dench to play me.