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Shrewsbury Nursing Agency Deputy Branch Manager Jackie supports Derwen college inclusive skills competition

Jackie Millward Supports Derwen College Inclusive Skills Competition

Shrewsbury Deputy Branch Manager Jackie Millward recently supported Derwen College’s Independent Skills competition by taking part in the judging panel for the regional heats of the national Inclusive Skills Competition held at the college.

The nationally run Inclusive Skills Competition includes a number of specific competitions including catering, table laying and hairdressing which aim to improve the independence and life skills of  students with learning difficulties from colleges across the country.

The Independent Skills Competition judged by Jackie is a new competition written by Helen Owen, Independent Health and Wellbeing Manager at Derwen College which it is hoped will be included in the national Inclusive Skills Competitions after being given its debut at this year’s regional heats competition.

Students from a number of colleges taking part in the competition were tasked with preparing a shopping list for a healthy breakfast and then purchasing the items on the list from a supermarket without spending more than ten pounds. Items in the winning basket included Muesli, granola, marmalade and brown bread.

Jackie presenting award winners at Derwen College skills competition

The competition was run in partnership with Sainsbury’s supermarket and the Independent skills test was conducted and judged by a panel of volunteer judges at the store’s Oswestry branch. Jackie and the judges accompanied the students as they completed the shopping task and observed competence in a number of independent areas.

Other colleges that took part in the competition included Newcastle-under-Lyme, Worcester College, North Staffs and Stoke on Trent with the winner of the competition, Thomas Kelly coming from Newcastle-under-Lyme college. Second and third places went to Georgina and Brittany from Derwen College.

Winners from all the competitions held during the day’s regional heats were presented with certificates and flowers at a ceremony held in Derwen College’s Orangery Restaurant. The awards were presented by Louise Keevil, Director of Charity and Corporate Services who was responsible for organising the overall competition.

Judge-for-the-day, Shrewsbury Nursing Agency Deputy Manager Jackie Millward said: “I was very pleased to be able to assist in the Independent Skills competition as I think it provides the students with an excellent opportunity to improve the skills they require to live and independent life. This will benefit them in their everyday lives and I think it’s very important to students, who I thought acquitted themselves brilliantly today.”

Independent Health and Wellbeing Manager at Derwen College, Helen Owen said: “I’d like to thank Jackie so much for volunteering and taking the time to take part and assist with the judging of today’s competition. We hope she’ll be able to judge again next year!”